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High End Advanced Electronic
Troubleshooting and Services

Following is a technical checklist for those desiring and seeking more advanced electronics troubleshooting and services.

You are welcome to call for further details as to our particular application. Much of the basics in electronics troubleshooting as fallen to wayside. However, our firm retains these fundamentals in order to provide a fuller scope of services, and comprehension of issues that may seem unrelated, but offer no other solution as to why inexplicable behavior exists.

  • RF / Microwave ethernet networked systems.
  • Laser-based ethernet networked systems.
  • Soldering of connections – (sadly a lost, and dying art). Some assemblies still require quality soldering, such as in machine shop environments.
  • RS-232 serial-based systems.
  • RS-422A and current-loop based systems.
  • Troubleshooting RS-232/422 systems.
  • RS-232 to RS-422/429, RS-485, or V.35.
  • ASCII-to-sync converters.
  • Short-haul converters, (async-to-sync, or with electro-optical isolation in harsh plant environments, modems, modem-eliminators, async/sync short-haul modems.
  • Industrial (35-mm) DIN-rail controller assemblies incorporating RS-232 to RS-485. DIN-rails also known as top-hat rails.
  • Frequency and waveform analysis. Includes BODE plots, Fourier analysis, and combinatory complex sine wave functions. Requires re-writing the transfer function, separating into constituent parts, and then plotting each component.
  • Lissajous curves and plotting of parametric equations for oscillatory circuits, and analysis. Sometimes known as Bowditch curves.
  • Class A, AB, B, C, D, and T amplifiers. T-series amplifiers improve on the efficiency of D-amplifiers, but also incorporate the linearity of AB amps.
  • Time-domain, and oscilloscope-based troubleshooting of VSD’s (variable speed drives), controllers, transients, and power supply systems.
  • Transient analysis on single-, and three-phase systems.
  • DAC’s controller cards, such as for strain-gages.
  • Controller circuits such as for laser-cutting systems in machine shops.
  • Troubleshooting the older tube-based systems as they are still more resilient and tolerant of electrical anomalies.
  • Yagi, directional, and omni-directional antenna systems for special transceiver applications, or telecommunications.